Part 1 of Abbie Tolentino sex video was really longer compared to the second part. However, part 2 of Figueroa video scandal contains a more intriguing piece in contrast to the first viral video.

What can you expect in the alleged "Part 2 of Abbie Tolentino Figueroa Scandal Video"?

The sex scenes in this video are typically being done by normal couple. The positions are quite normal but the interesting aspect of this scandal video of Abbie Tolentino would be the frontal nudity allowing you to see all of her private parts.

Netizens could have liked this video compared to the first one since you can clearly see her body including her vag!na. Again, the sexual position are pretty normal and nothing is extreme!


Part 2 of Abbie Tolentino Figueroa Scandal Video is just 1 minute and 32 seconds.

The controversial part of the video is when the camera captured a clear section of her right breast which you can see her signature tattoo mark as well as the second huge tattoo art around her waist!

These body marks are pretty obvious and very similar to the ones that you see on the photos of Abbie Tolentino Figueroa either on Google search or via Pinay Facebook pages.

Despite these information, netizens are still debating whether the girl in the video is Abbie Tolentino until a screenshot of the message of the pretty model has been shared on Facebook. In it, is the appeal of Figueroa requesting the netizens to stop sharing her scandal video. She is also begging that copies of her lewd video footage will be deleted by those people who initially uploaded it.


As of writing, no one knows yet the true story behind this viral scandal videos. Abbie Tolentino's social media accounts are no longer accessible.

For those who are looking for the download link of "Part 2:Abbie Tolentino Figueroa scandal video", the quality of the clips are already poor since the netizens are reuploading the content at a lower quality.