isko-moreno-arrested-with-councilors.jpgWhile the police were speaking with officials of the Barangay, Moreno and the councilors arrived at the scene and started to berate the policemen whom he called ‘puppets of the mayor’. The policemen tried to explain to the vice mayor that the bingo game dealt in cash and allegedly did not have a permit from the City hall. Moments later, the arguments caused a scuffle.

Before they were brought to a police station, Vice mayor Isko moreno told ANC:

"Yong isang konsehal po sinakal sa leeg binuhat ng limang pulis, Inawat ko kasi nagkagulo na yong taong bayan," said Isko Moreno.

Police accused Isko Moreno and his group of illegal gambling. However, Isko Moreno strongly rejected the claim.

"For the past five years, we've been doing this every week. Bingos are being conducted..This is a peaceful assembly.. We are not violating any provision of law for that matter. We are not violating any provision of the election code," the Manila Vice Mayor added.

Moreno is convinced that their arrest was politically motivated.

Former President, Joseph Estrada, went into the police station to check on Isko Moreno, his running mate this coming election.

Estrada claimed that the arrest was illegal and they plan to sue the Manila police.

On the other hand, Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim defended the arresting officers saying that "nobody is above the law". The Mayor even said that the arresting officers should be commended for fulfilling their duties.

Credit: ANC news, Manila Standard Today