Reports indicated that McDonalds store is located within the property of the Boracay Regency Beach Resort, at Station 2, in the middle of Boracay's long stretch of white sand beach.

The local government seems so eager to bring all famous commercial fast food chain in the area.

McDonalds isn’t the first chain to open in Boracay, which already hosts branches of the Mang Inasal, Andok’s, Shakey’s Pizza, Army Navy, Pancake House and Starbucks Coffee.

So what are the PROS and CONS of the giant commercial rush in Boracay Island?

McDonalds is an easy access for food because of course it's a fast food chain. Definitely it will be the stop over for tourists who have children with them and to those people who would like to stick with the McDo meals which they usually eat while living in the congested urban zones. Also, McDonald's will normalize the competition against the existing chains in Boracay.

But there are considerable threats and consequences that others might have overlooked.

The Boracay garbage dump remains in operation handling about seven to 10 tons of garbage produced on the island daily, according to the Boracay Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In 1997, then-environment secretary Horacio Ramos publicly stated that improper sewage disposal had caused the spread of the coliform virus in the waters of Boracay, even comparing the beaches to an open septic tank (Manila Bulletin).

Having that said, McDonald's will have it share in destroying the image of the paradise. The opening of the McDonalds store in Boracay will add the problem of the local government in its solid waste management program. And one more vital aspects that we should take a look at too are the small local business establishments. McDonald's will hurt the local economy especially those people who are selling Filipino dishes.

I thought that our government wants to promote our very own culture by offering Filipino dishes/delicacies in the area. But it seems they are doing the opposite.

If Boracay will keep on catering international giant commercial food establishments in the area, what would be the reason for foreign tourists to be in the area aside from the white sand beach resort?

Credits: ABS CBN news, Manila Bulletin