A black Montero Sport car was spotted at a mall located in the booming province of Pampanga whose driver deliberately park the vehicle at the gate of the PWD ramp. A furious handicapped mall goer had someone took a photo while he was pointing his finger towards the plate of the car. The unidentified driver of the luxury car has not been identified and there are no reports citing if the owner of the vehicle was reprimanded by the local authorities.

Ronald James Ygnacio Spillers was the person behind the viral photo. He decided to upload the picture on Facebook and captioned it with a message saying;

“How inconsiderate of this vehicle driver, blocking the PWD ramp”.

Reactive and angry netizens liked and shared the post of Ronald and some violent commenters resorted to profanity while expressing their sentiments regarding the incident. They said that parking the vehicle that position is a sign of undisciplined driver or the owner himself has poor etiquette.