under-one-roof-suspect-ludivicio-patrimonio.jpgAfter the pimps got the payment from the clients (NBI operatives), the women together with their respective male clients went straight into the hotel.

Seconds later, the NBI agents arrested the pimps and the NBI agents also went inside the hotel rooms to rescue the women.

In an interview made by Pinky Webb, a news anchor and field reporter of ABS CBN news, Ludivicio Patrimonio confessed that he is the one liable in posting the pictures of women prostitutes in the facebook prostitution group--"Under One Roof". Ludivicio said that he offered help to anyone who wants to avail the services of the women prostitutes.

However, according to "Jo', one of the victims, she doesn't have any idea that her photos were posted in the facebook group.

UNDER ONE ROOF facebook group was recently reported by ABS-CBN as one of the major hidden facebook groups which offers prostitution services.

NBI still have a lot of work to do but for now suspected pimps including Ludivicio Patrimonio are detained and charges are readied in line with RA 9208 or Anti Trafficking in Persons Act under sec10.

Any person found guilty of committing any of the acts enumerated in Section 5 shall suffer the penalty of imprisonment of fifteen (15) years and a fine of not less than five hundred thousand pesos (Php500,000.00) but not more than one (1) million pesos (Php 1,000,000.00).

This crackdown will definitely slow down the movement of the members of the group but what if this group isn't the biggest sex trade syndicate in Facebook?

Credit: ABS CBN news