mexico-apple-ifone.jpgIn 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone brand to the Mexican market without knowing that four years earlier the Mexican telecom services and systems company has already registered the name iFone.

In 2009, iFone sued the California-based company because of similar-sounding names which caused confusion. Just recently, the firm claims its victory.

“It is the third time that Apple loses and this demonstrates the legal truth: iFone is within its full right to use its brand,” the statement said.

The lawyer for iFone, Eduardo Gallart, was quoted as saying in Milenio newspaper on Saturday that Apple will have to compensate the Mexican company for the use of the iPhone name.

An amount has not been decided but Gallart said the law sets a floor rate of 40 percent of the sale price of a service that is found to have violated the rules.

A message to Apple’s media relations office was not returned.

Credit: PDI news