On that same day, Gregory Paulo Llamoso uploaded the AMALAYER video in Facebook and others uploaded it in youtube too.

Paula Salvosa's video went viral on Facebook Tuesday night, getting more than 68,000 shares and 17,000 comments, and aired on TV networks. She was also trending in microblogging site, Twitter with a hashtag, AMALAYER, which came from the passenger's pronunciation of "I'm a liar,"(GMA news).

In an interview with GMA news, Paula Salvosa said that she tried to keep her mouth shut but could no longer sustain the cyber bullying against her which prompted her to speak up.

The LRT lady guard, Sharon Mae Casinas, already made her apology to Paula Salvosa.

But as of this time, it is still a big question to us on why Gregory Paulo Llamoso decided to make the video widely available to the public. The video he uploaded is misleading because it doesn't show the whole incident.

Gregory Paulo Llamoso said on his facebook post:

"RUDE Passenger Humiliates (sic) a Lady Guard"

But with the things he did, could that line be changed to "Gregory Paulo Llamoso humiliated Rude Passenger and a lady Guard"?