hate-mail-derek-valencia.jpgDerek Valencia, a California resident, posted a picture of it on Facebook. The hate mail went viral on Monday just minutes after his post.

Derek Valencia, who also lives in American Canyon asked, "Anyone else in American canyon get this letter in the mail?"

The letter, which claims to be from the California Department of Consumer Affairs Board of Barbering & Cosmetology, is addressed to American Canyon resident Maria Aida Ignacio Brandes. The missive begins with talk about an expired cosmetology license and threatens to fine Brandes for allegedly providing unlicensed salon services. (Attached is the actual photo courtesy of ABS-CBN news).


Disturbingly, the hate mail also details Brandes' current home address.

Derek Valencia said he reported the hate mail to the police who, in turn, told him that another person reported the same concern to them.

The letter was signed by Concerned American Canyon Neighbors.

"i (sic) think it was like a mass mail, but yea it's still an issue to illustrate such hate to a specific race," wrote Valencia on his Facebook wall. "At the end we are all still human!"

Credit: Huffingtonpost, ABS CBN news